Landscape Style Guide

Your new home comes with a complimentary front landscaping package as a way of welcoming you to Olivine. Please refer to the terms and conditions within your contract of sale to determine whether you qualify.

Please refer to the Olivine Landscaping e-brochure for your landscaping package options.

Your front landscaping must comply with the following controls

Your front garden and areas visible on secondary frontages must be completely landscaped in accordance with the guidelines within six (6) months of issue of Certificate of Occupancy for the dwelling.

Your front garden must include a mature canopy tree that is a minimum height of four (4) metres from a list of approved species attached.

Hard surfaced areas must not exceed 40% of the front garden, including the driveway and front path.

Softscaped areas must constitute a minimum of 60% of the total front area and must consist of turf, garden beds and permeable surface materials which may include decorative stone aggregate or pebbles.

Your front landscape package entitlements may be forfeited if terms of construction are not met.

Provision for an irrigation system is included in all landscape packages installed by Mirvac.

Provision of the below infrastructure is mandatory

The following pre-works must be completed to accommodate an irrigation system;

A 90mm PVC pipe or similar is required to be installed under the driveway setback at a minimum of one (1) metre from the front boundary.

A minimum of two external taps are to be installed, one in the rear yard and one in the front yard on the side of the dwelling adjacent to the side gate/fence.

An external power point must be installed adjacent to the external tap located in the front yard.

Complete the Landscape Request Form if you wish to have the front landscaping package installed. Please refer to terms and conditions within your contract of sale to determine whether you qualify.