Fencing & Retaining Wall

Fencing is mandatory to all rear and side boundaries across all lots within Olivine. Mirvac does not provide this fencing. Fencing must be installed prior to occupying your home to ensure security and privacy within the estate.

Your fencing must be installed according to the following controls;
A 1.8 metre high standard timber paling fence, built to standard fencing detail (refer to 10.2), is to be constructed to all internal lot boundaries that do not face the street. Construction is by the land owner and not the developer.

Side boundary fencing with the exception of corner lots is to be setback a minimum of one (1) metre from the primary façade (not including porches, verandahs and porticos).

Fencing to corner lots addressing the secondary street frontage must be set back from the front façade by four (4) metres.

Feature fencing will be installed by the developer on select lots in the development, as indicated on the release plan and on the plan of subdivision.

Fencing panels may be stepped where changes in elevation occur on all internal boundaries.

Winged fencing must be set back one (1) metre from the primary façade. If winged fencing results in enclosure of both your side boundaries, access must be provided via a wooden gate integrated into the fencing. Front fencing is prohibited.

Your fencing must comply with following standard fencing detail

Posts: 125 x 75mm hardwood or H4 treated softwood, Durability Class 1 or 2 (suitable for in-ground use). Hardwood posts are
recommended. All posts to be installed vertical with an angled top to shed water, at a spacing of 2400mm-2700mm to suit rail lengths.

Rails: 75 x 50mm hardwood or H4 treated softwood rails to be installed top, mid and bottom, Durability Class 2. Hardwood rails are recommended. Rails are to be generally 2 bays long with butt joints at alternate posts; not more than 2 rail joints to occur at any single post.

Plinth: Fine Sawn Treated Pine, 150 x 25mm. Where gaps between the ground and the plinth board are excessive (over 100 mm), a second plinth board is to be installed.

Palings: Fine Sawn Treated Pine, 150x 12mm (under); 100 x 12mm (overs), length is to suit overall 1.8m fence height. Under palings are to be spaced as necessary to maintain an overlap between overs and unders, nominal overlap is 25mm each side of the paling. Top line of fencing is to follow ground line.

Capping (secondary street detail): Fine Sawn Treated Pine, 100 x 50mm.

Homes addressing secondary streets must construct capped timber paling fencing along the boundary addressing the secondary street front according to detail 10.2.1 to 10.2.5


Retaining Wall Detail

Where there is a difference in height between two adjoining properties the maximum 1.8m fencing height is measured from the higher of the two lots. If a retaining wall is required the maximum height of the retaining wall height must be 500mm unless otherwise approved. Retaining walls must be timer, and appear harmonious with fence materials.