Street Amenity and Privacy

Your home must comply with the following controls;
External washing lines, hot water services, plumbing infrastructure, television antennae, evaporative units, utility meters and water tanks must be located away from direct view lines from the street or public realm.

Roof mounted building services must be located away from the streetscape or appropriately concealed by a parapet or roof structure that is part of the overall dwelling design. Low profile units must be used where applicable.

Solar panels and collectors for hot water units are exceptions to this. These should follow the roof pitch and where visible from public areas, should be assessed on their individual merits with regards to scale, form and colour. This exemption does not apply to roof mounted storage tanks associated with these units or solar pool heating.

External security blinds or shutters to dwelling façades are not allowed.

Detached garages, sheds or ancillary storage of boats, caravans, or alike must not be visible from the public realm.

Letter boxes must be contemporary in style and match the house through similar use of colours and materials.

Rubbish bins and recycling bins are to be stored away from public view.


Advertising signage within the estate are not permitted.

The following exceptions apply;

  • Display home signage, with the written approval of the DRP and the City of Whittlesea.
  • One standard real estate ‘for sale’ sign (maximum length on any edge 1500mm), but only after the dwelling is completed to the developer’s satisfaction.
  • Builder or trades person identification required during construction of the dwelling to a maximum size of 600mm x 900mm. Such signs must be removed within 10 days of the issue of the Occupancy Permit.