Garages and Driveways

Your home is provided with a single crossover built to City of Whittlesea Council’s standard detail. Your driveway must complement your home’s façade, front landscaping, garage design and dimensions. Connection with your pre-installed crossover must be precise.

All garages and driveways must comply with the following controls;

  • Relocation of your crossover requires DRP approval. Related costs must be paid by the property owner prior to construction. Relocation is at Mirvac’s total discretion and is not always possible due to the status of the civil works program, layout of streets, street trees and underground service. Should you request to have your crossover relocated, please email us at
  • Driveway widths must not exceed a maximum of 3m for a single garage and 5.5m for a double garage.
  • Driveway widths must match back to the width of the constructed vehicle crossover at the title boundary.
  • Where garages are located on the allotment boundary, a 500mm minimum landscaped garden bed is required between the driveway and the allotment boundary.
  • Only one driveway is permissible per allotment. Your driveway must align exactly with the crossover provided by Mirvac and must be constructed before occupation of the home.
  • Acceptable driveway materials include; exposed aggregate concrete, segregated brick, slate or natural stone pavers, stamped or coloured through concrete. Plain concrete driveways are not allowed.
  • Driveways are included in the impermeable hard surface area of the front garden and must be sized to comply with the requirement for all hard surfacing not to exceed 40% of the total area.
  • On lots with a primary frontage 10 metres or less, a single garage with a maximum width of 2.6m is permitted only. A double garage will be considered on irregular lots where the lot is greater than 10 metres in width at the front building line.
  • For lots with a frontage greater than 10 metres and 14m or less the maximum width allowable for the garage door is 5.5m.
  • For lots with a frontage greater than 14m the maximum width allowable for the garage door is 6.53m.
  • Triple car garages in a staggered format on lot frontages greater than 18m will be considered by the DRP.
  • The architectural character of garages must be harmonious to the main body of the dwelling.
  • All garages must have a garage door. Garage doors must be sectional in style with a timber, timber look or colorbond fi nish only. Roller doors are not permitted.
  • Car ports will not be approved.