Approval Process

All homes designed within Olivine are required to comply with Clause 54 (One Dwelling on a Lot) and Clause 55 (Two or More Dwellings on a Lot) of the Whittlesea Planning Scheme. These Clauses are also known as ‘ResCode’. Compliance with these statutory requirements will be assessed by your building surveyor.

Once your design is approved by the DRP (Design Review Panel), a building permit must still be obtained from the local council or a private building surveyor before construction can commence. Approval by the DRP does not constitute building approval or compliance with building regulations and the Whittlesea Planning Scheme.

The following summary will assist you in navigating the building approval process at Olivine;

Step 1 - Land Purchase

Purchase your selected allotment from Mirvac

Step 2 - Design your home

Ensure your architect, builder, and designer are aware of the requirements within the Olivine Design Guidelines, and any Restrictions on the Plan of Subdivision. You should also ensure that you have complied with any applicable building codes, Council by-laws, or other local authority requirements

Step 3 - Submit plans for approval to the DRP

Submit your house design and completed Design Assessment Form via the Olivine Design Portal.

Ensure your submission contains all of the required information (as set-out in the checklist on pg.6)

Approval can be expected within 10 working days providing all documents have been submitted and they comply with the Olivine Design and Siting Guidelines.

In the event of non-compliance, structured feedback will be provided to facilitate approval. If all feedback has been addressed you should expect approval within 10 working days of resubmitting.

Step 4 - Building permit application (by your builder)

A Building Permit must be obtained from either the City of Whittlesea or a licenced surveyor.

Your registered building surveyor will require your home design to comply with the Restrictions on the Plans of Subdivision, and will require evidence of DRP approval (usually stamped plans). If any further design modifications are made, you will be required to resubmit plans to the DRP for reassessment.

Step 5 - Construction

Once received, a Building Permit allows you to commence construction. In accordance with the Contract of Sale, construction of your home must commence within 12 months from the date of settlement of your lot. Completion of your home must be within 12 months of build commencement. Landscaping must be completed within 6 months of Certificate of Occupancy.

Step 6 - Certificate of Occupancy

Subsequent to Certificate of Occupancy; all kerb/ sidewalk rectification works must be completed within 90 days. Your driveway and crossover must be completed before you move in to your new home.

Step 7 - Olivine Landscaping Package

Your driveway, paths, letterbox, fencing and gates must be completed and approved by the DRP if you elect Mirvac to install your frontyard landscaping.